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Ted with Kath (1928 - 2007)


Last update - April  2016  

I am no longer a working puppeteer although I did do a few gigs last year.  Some years ago I decided to write a short piece on 'How I became a puppeteer'  but it took over the website as you will see.  Kath used to say, "I wish I had asked mum about that ."  So, apart from the puppetry angle, bits of family history have crept in.  Perhaps all oldies (with or without computers) should be persuaded to write their memoirs.






THE LATEST ON THE STORY (what I wrote).  After fifteen years of blood, sweat and computer failures (you mean finger trouble) it is more or less finished. However, in trying to add more bits, something has gone astray and as I am not too good on the website construction many things are still amiss; blame old age! Doing my best to sort things out - now if only you could work computers with a few carving tools .........   In spite of reading through it a couple of dozen times I am still finding typos. and overlapping pictures etc. so my apologies.  Hopefully, this will improve with time. (probably another 15 years!)

Family news

Grand-daughter Kate's second daughter, Ripley Rose is now a year old.  



The two cats are never going to be friends!  He (Kitchie) still hisses at her; she (Penny, short for Lady Penelope) yowls at him and they sometimes have a boxing match but never any blood so I suppose they are just making a point.  He spends nights out and sleeps most of the day except when we go out for a walk.  She spends most of the day out and comes in at night.



Kitchie loves going out for walks, especially in the woods by the lake at the bottom of the lane. 


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I found the 20 cms. diameter 'Pig' in PC World.  It is an amplifier for an MP3 player.  The eyes are the tweeters and the bass comes out below and merely stroking the ears raises or lowers volume.  It works via a mains adapter so ideal for the small 12v motor-bike batteries I use - only about a dozen watts but OK for my sort of work and a great novelty for a puppeteer! 

In answer to a question. The pig is resting on carvers strops; bits of leather on wooden shapes for putting the final edge on carving tools.



When Kath died I felt that it was time to retire gracefully, put my feet up and watch telly but no such luck; there still seems to be plenty of work to do. And then there is the cooking, washing and other household time wasters but apart from that my time is my own.  Have finished making the 'field and turnips' set to match the Lanchester figure of the "Turmut Hoin' " lad and now nearly finished pairs of hands and feet for four vent heads held in the Guild archives


I am often asked where to buy carving tools and timbers. See below for a few links of organisations and suppliers, most of whom also sell via the web.

LINKS to other Puppetry sites

www.puppeteersuk.com You can find all the main sites and puppeteers on this one. Any individual puppeteer or group may join this site.  It is excellent and essential if you are looking for work, a puppeteer or puppetry service.

www.puppetguild.org.uk The best organisation to join whether a beginner or established puppeteer. We are a very 'user friendly' group!

BrUNIMA  This is the international puppetry organisation.  The British branch is a bit shy so you have to 'Google' BrUNIMA then click on 'British UNIMA'; the 'www.' way worketh not! 


www.scottishmaskandpuppetcentre.co.uk A very active centre based in Glasgow. A visit is a must if you live in (or visit) Scotland.

www.puppetcentre.org.uk  (London) Provides a useful 'on-line' magazine - "Animations".

LINKS for Tools and Timber

www.craft-supplies.co.uk One of the best in Britain. It has now moved from the beautiful Millers Dale valley, Derbyshire to Bradwell, about six miles away.

www.dick-gmbh.de This is a German firm. Get their catalogue - superb. Lots of Japanese and Swedish tools. It was cheaper to buy from them than at home but we are not in a favourable exchange rate at the moment.

www.sykestimber.co.uk If you are a Midlander then this is the place for your carving timbers. It is at Atherstone on the A5.

www.slhardwoods.co.uk This one is at Croydon so OK for Southerners

www.john-boddys-fwts.co.uk For the Northerners, this one is at Boroughbridge.

www.toolpost.co.uk Another good one for tools - Didcot, Oxon.


www.ockenden-timber.co.uk   Carving tools, etc and timber at Church Stoke, Powis for those in Mid-Wales.


www.tilgear.info Excellent for all hand and power tools - Cuffley, Herts.


http://www.homecrafts.co.uk/  Not the cheapest way to buy bulk materials but good for that hard to find item.

The  Woodcarving  magazine is great for general carving with many articles suitable for puppeteers if not directly applicable; although there are occasional articles by puppeteers. This link takes you to their excellent website with masses of articles, hints and tips for every sort of carving.

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