Picture Gallery

All the puppets shown were made by Ted and dressed by Kath unless otherwise indicated.


Three figures from our first show, 1951 (see 'Story', chapter 3)


And 60 years later:

Ted at Wolverhampton Show (July, 2011)




< Grand-daughter, Kate,  teacher of English and Drama and mother of my great-granddaughters, Ellaria and Ripley.



Grand-daughter, Ann, now a doctor of chemistry >  









Brother, Terry, music teacher with Kath holding his mini doppelganger. >





Simple, non-tangle marionettes for use in Infant school workshops and a dissecting skeleton that operates a smaller version that juggles a skull.




Shakespeare, Grimaldi, Roman Clown, Medieval Jester, Elizabethan clown Tarleton, from our school workshop, "Clowns".  >










<  Miniature organ before restoration.









                                                              And after.





The conductor beats time to  the music (sound operated mechanism inside hollowed out back).




Many puppeteers say that the 'Dutch Doll' hip joint does not work for marionettes.  This opinion usually arises from comparing 'baby doll' joints with those of marionettes.  It works as long as you make a decent waist joint (see chapter 11).



       Nice bum.                                                                              Nice. belly.                                                                        Nice wiggle                 
















      A Trio of  Medieval figures made by Ted in Belgium.





 < Our general purpose lap puppet, Jonty.

    (see chapter 20)





Punch figure for a Prof, > 





           Chloe, our lady clown





Mechanism for a horse rider that swings under the horse and back up the other side >











< A set of marching soldiers for an anti-war song.  The full set includes two missiles, an atom bomb burst and a large poppy.









A double-string planchette set that I claim is the first modification in a thousand years!



Just one of many of our Burnhill Green weekends. 





 Kath's resting place in the  Memorial Park in woodland in the Shropshire Hills. > 






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